Redi-Edge® Pocket Knife Sharpeners

Pocket Knife Sharpener

Redi-Edge® Pocket Knife Sharpener in Colors

The Redi-Edge® Pocket Knife Sharpener is unmatched in its design and effectiveness. The convenient “pocket” design enhances the portability of the sharpener and provides a large surface for custom engraving which is available on special orders. The thumb insert gives you a sturdy grip while you use the Duromite™ inserts to put the perfect edge on your knife every time. The Redi-Edge® Pocket’s Duromite™inserts are factory-set at a 40°inclusive angle, maintaining a consistent 20° double edge on your knives.


Pocket Pro Knife Sharpener

Redi-Edge® Pocket Pro Knife Sharpener in Black

21DescriptionThe Redi-Edge® Pocket Pro Knife Sharpeners are produced from military-grade aluminum for extreme durability, long life, and lightweight. Design features include a proprietary corrosion-resistant finish, an ergonomic thumb “pocket” that creates excellent grip-ability even when wet, a honing surface on the back, and a v-groove for fish hooks and needle points.